Can I start Herb Fairies any time of the year?

Herb Fairies is an ongoing story. While every book is a story of its own, all thirteen books work together to tell the complete tale. The first twelve are for the twelve months. The stories are designed to teach you about harvesting plants throughout the seasons. The thirteenth and final book will wrap the entire adventure back to where it started, in the Spring time.

We give you access to the entire series at the time you purchase Herb Fairies.

Though you can certainly read the books any time of year, and even work on the activities...the very BEST way to work on Herb Fairies is to start in the Spring with Book One.

Are you starting Herb Fairies outside of Spring time?

This is TOTALLY fine.

You can read the books and work on the activities ANY time of year. However, to get even more out of it, when Spring comes around again, look out for chickweed and violet. Then maybe work on some more of the recipes and activities you didn't get to. Even read the books again.

This is the way learning about herbs works. With every turn of the seasons, our knowledge grows deeper and deeper as we get to know them.

Look at this as an ongoing journey, and something you celebrate every year as the herbs blossom once again.

If you already purchased Herb Fairies, you can go to this page for more instructions as to how to work with your season:

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