Are physical, hard books included in the Herb Fairies program?

The Herb Fairies book club is an online digital education program.

The online member area includes all the books as well as the learning materials (journals, activities, recipes, coloring pages, etc).

The books are in PDF, Kindle, and iPad (all tablets) format. It also includes audio versions of the book read by the author.

You CAN purchase physical books inside the member area, via a print-on-demand service for $7.99/book if you do not want to print them yourself.

You can also purchase physical books on Amazon any time. However, these are still printed on demand, and are $9.99/ book.

During our Spring book club opening every April, we include a box set of physical books as a bonus. (This is the best offer for getting physical books, and saves you 50% off the Amazon price).

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