Can I replace the herbs in the Kit with other herbs?

If you want to use an herb other than Echinacea root, you can follow the same instructions in the kit, but use the herb of your choice. 

We will mail you the Echinacea, and you can purchase other herbs at Purchase at least 2 ounces of whatever herb you want to use, just to be safe.  At, the minimum purchase is 4 ounces in any case.

Unless you are sure of the alternative herb you want, please play it safe and use the Echinacea we provide.

If you have a problem with Echinacea internally, simply use it as an external first aid remedy. 

It's really about the learning experience. Once you make the tincture in the kit, you'll be able to make tinctures with ANY herb. If you join, you'll learn more about what herbs you might like to tincture.

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