Where do I leave questions, requests, feedback, comments, HerbMentor account help, etc?

Do you have a question or need us to do something for you?

If you have looked in the FAQ and your question was not answered, you can Submit a Request.


HerbMentor member needing to account help? Call (360) 390-4590 or Submit a Request (log in issues, cancelations, card changes, etc...)

Remember, if you do not hear back after 24 hours due to junk mail issues, you can check the status of your Request in the navigation bar above.


Do you have an herbal/health related question?

Please use the HerbMentor.com forum only. Otherwise, use Google. 


Do you just have a comment/feedback or just want to leave us a nice note :)  ?

If you JUST want to leave us a note, feedback, or a comment that does not need a reply, you can click here to send a feedback.

FOLKS... The Guestbook is for simple messages. John and Kimberly read them all, BUT we're serious... ALL customer service or requests/questions left there just get deleted.  The reason for this is that we do not read them every day, as we do our customer service. Also, we have no way to reply to your message on the Guestbook.


AGAIN... If you need us to respond to anything in any way, shape or form, Submit a Request.

Have more questions? Submit a request


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