Why doesn't the story come in the game box?

The Wildcraft! Story does come with the game, but it is a PDF download. Information on how to get it is below as well as in the instructions in the box.

It does not come with the game for two reasons:

1) It would significantly add to the cost of the game, meaning you'd have to pay another $5 or so.

2) It is just a nice add-on to the game that you will use once or twice. It is not the central focus of the game, and we do not want it to get in the way of new folks learning how to play. 

Though it adds a rich layer to the game, for some it may add a layer of complication when starting out.

We want to keep the playing field simple and streamlined for new players.

As you see on pages 2-4 of the instructions, the link is http://learningHerbs.com/wildcraft-game

You do not need to register the game to get the story.

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