Wildcraft! is a board game. It is designed to be simple, and to introduce folks to the edible and medicinal plants around them. Adding a level of how to use them would get REALLY complicated, as there are SO many ways you can use plants for various ailments and edible purposes.

Just like you can change the game's rules to make it simpler for kids, you can also change them to make it more complicated. Feel free to add that level of play.

Of course the game DOES teach you a bit about the plants, but it might not be to the level of every player's liking. Everyone wants to learn different aspects of plants and how to use them. To learn more about herbs, check out our free materials on LearningHerbs.com or our membership site HerbMentor.

Eventually, as you learn more and more, you'll understand why we can't pack it all into a board game. 😊

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