Taste of Herbs is suitable for all experience levels! 

Even if you're brand new to herbalism or just have a bit of experience, you'll find great value in this course. The focus is on hands-on experience, so you get to learn as you go.

There's no pressure to get through the material quickly - you have lifetime access, so you can take your time. The videos and supplemental materials walk you through every step and you get to ask Rosalee, your instructor, questions for the first 10 weeks of the program. 

For intermediate-to-advanced herbalists, this course is unique and is likely to fill a gap in your herbal education. The course material covers introductory material from Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Western Herbalism traditions. Most importantly, the exercises have you tasting herbs and really learning about herbs through your senses. There are no books to buy or lists to memorize for this course. It is all video-based and experiential learning.

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