Searching for an herbal certification program can be confusing. There are a LOT of different programs and options.

Here is the thing. In the U.S., there is no license for herbalists like there is for acupuncturists or massage therapists. As a result, there is no real certificate that means much. Certificates can have varying purposes. A certificate can range from a simple acknowledgement that you completed a program to recognition of a program that is approved for professional membership into the American Herbalists Guild. Even this is not a license to practice anything, but a peer group of medical herbalists.

At LearningHerbs, we stay out of that whole thing, and just focus on learning and having fun with herbs. To us, it's the herbs and learning that are important, and not a piece of paper. We are not devaluing a piece of paper, for a medical school diploma is also a piece of paper. We are just saying that we do not focus on any sort of certification program. 

In Taste of Herbs, specifically, we have something new this year that may be what some folks are looking for: We have added completion buttons to each module! You can mark the "taste" completed as you move through the course, so you can find your place more easily if you need to take a break. And, it is fun to mark things "done" for the personal satisfaction of completing the modules!

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